I'm a Low-Level Poison


I’m in tears she forted like twice

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I wanna die


Apparently everyone who concocts Pokemon themed alcoholic beverages are genwunners.  Looks like I’m going to have to create my own fucking Oshawott cocktail.

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I fucking hate you I have AP homework I’ve barely fucking started due on Monday and i have to do this shit on fucking mobile

I am laughing so hard right now oh my gods



Dick riding IS NOT a form of transportation!!!!!!!! 

not with that attitude


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Their questions:

1. What are your values in life?

Live, laugh, love Pokemon

2. Coffee or tea?

I love both but I’d choose tea mostly.

3. Honest opinion on the Anaconda music video?

I haven’t watched it.

4. Favorite TV show character? Why?

Killian Jones

5. If you could spend 6 weeks in any country in the world doing something relevant for the community there, which country would it be and why?

I would rather help animals than people.  Take me out to the seas and let me apprehend whalers and send me to the grasslands in Africa and stop illegal poaching or fly me to the Amazon to put a halt on deforestation.  I would like to help clean animals caught in oil spills and help run programs for breeding and protecting endangered species.  Animals are not heartless like most homo sapiens. 

6. What was the time you were the most proud of yourself?


7. Do you believe in horoscope?

Not really, but the average Taurus description fits me perfectly.

8. Do you drink alcohol? If yes, what’s your favorite drink?

Yaaas.  Jack and Coke.  I love wine and whiskey.

9. Favorite teacher at school/uni you ever had and why?

Mrs. Taylor, my 3rd grade teacher, because she was incredibly sweet and encouraging and she was the first and last teacher I accidentally called mom.

10. Can you cook? What’s your favorite dish to make?

Of course I can cook it runs in my genes gah.  Spaghetti is super easy so I won’t say that one.  Spinach and cheese quiche is absolutely delicious and it’s fun to make.  Chili!  I looooooooooooove to make a big, honking pot of chili in the wintertime with that perfect tomato tang and beans and just a tiny kick.  Sprinkle a pound of cheese on your serving and dump a bag of oyster crackers and I am fucking happy.

11. What movie do all people praise yet you never watched it?

I’ve never been a big movie watcher so I can only imagine that this list would be long.  

My questions:

1. Out of the five senses (sight, touch, hear, smell, taste), which one could you live without?

2. When I say ‘biscuit’ what do you think of?

3. Do you find loincloths attractive?

4. Shower or bath?

5. Do you have Chris Evans’ cell phone number?

6. If so will you give it to me?

7. Favorite butterfly species?

8. Have you ever hitch-hiked?

9. What is your first memory of? (That you can remember.)

10. Do you find yourself fantasizing about vigorous makeout sessions with food often?

11. Where do you stash your dough?

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what the fuck

We got Neville Longbottomed

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Book 1 Premiere (2012/04/14) & Book 3 Finale (2014/08/22)

Book 1 - Book 3

Book 1 - Book 3